How to deal with depression

A few tips on how to deal with depression. I am addressing the type of depression where you are not thinking about suicide. If you are you need to discuss this with a mental health professional. If you at any risk of hurting yourself call your local emergency number (in the USA it is likely to be 911) or go to the nearest emergency room. Otherwise some of the tips are as follows:
1. No matter how much your depression is leading to inaction it is more helpful to do value based actions even though you lack the drive or motivation. Value based is a term from ACT (Acceptance and Commitment therapy) which is a form of CBT.
2. Try to back off from buying into negative thoughts about yourself. They may be self blaming thoughts, thoughts about being inadequate or worthless. They could include thoughts that your are a failure or unlovable.

3. Get into a regular excercise regimen if your health allows it. Burning 150 calories each time at least 4-5 times a week could help you feel better in the long term