Dealing with uncertainty

One thing that is certain in life: there is going to be many times where uncertainty is going to show up and dealing with uncertainty is going to be important for your mental health. What is it like for you to be unsure if a potential significant other shows signs of uncertainty about your relationship; if you hear that there are going to be budget cuts where you work; if your boss does not smile at you today; if your child is sick; if you locked the door well enough…all of these plus many others is what life can offer you. These can cause worrying. You may try to do reassurance behavior to attempt to eliminate doubtfulness. The big question is whether this type of behavior works both in the short term or the long term.
Certaintly, uncertainty is uncomfortable. And as a human we want to do away with discomfort. Perhaps a better way to deal with these feelings to to practice the act of Acceptance. This could be in the form of noticing the physical sensations this brings up as well as the unsettleness that may be throughout your body. Instead of fighting these sensations and feelings, let them in and notice them.