Coping with anxiety and fear

There may be differences between how we are coping with anxiety and fear. To explain this better let’s look at two examples, one we may call anxiety and the other is fear. Please note that as far as this author is concerned there is not enough research to indicate that we firmly know the difference between the two. As a result, this author proposes that fear is related to certain danger and anxiety is related more to uncertainty. A case in point: You leave your house and you are not sure you locked the door or locked it well enough and this idea makes you anxious. You may even go back to check to see if it is really locked. The feel for this will usually be different then another situation where there is certainty: You house is filled with fire and smoke…it is time to get out and you leave and or make sure love ones are out as well. The latter example is one where you don’t usually need to read a self help book to realize how to cope. Now you may develop Trauma from the real event which can become a problem.

It is the dealing with uncertainty that often becomes a problem for us humans and therefore learning to cope with the anxiety from uncertainty may bring people to the reading of self help books and or a therapist. More on this in another blog.