Caregiver stress

If you are taking care of somebody you may experience some caregiver stress. You may find that you need to take care of yourself and have guilt and or anxiety about doing that. Since we humans do not like being uncomfortable with guilt or anxiety feelings we dp everything we can to avoid them. In this case we avoid these emotions by not stopping to take care of ourselves.
One of the problems with this is that we will likely to feel resentment toward the person we are taking of. This can develop into a serious issue. So what are we to do: start taking care of ourselves a bit and then feel guilt and anxiety or avoid this and not take care of yourself.
You may find taking care of yourself may include thoughts that you are being selfish if you do. Think: what is the objective definition of being selfish?
The question to ask is are you willing to feel guilt and anxiety to tke care of yourself so you could have a more balanced life between taking care of somebody you love and taking care of self.