new posting on Anxiety

It has been along time since there has been a new posting on anxiety on this web site. I apologize to you for this and hope that they will come on a steady basis again. I am still in practice treating anxiety and depressive disorders. I continue to practice in the cities of Oakland and Fremont, California.
Anxiety is something that every human experiences. It is part of our basic makeup. The problems come in when we have significant difficulty in coping with it. That is, difficulty in coping with the thoughts, images or scary pictures that underlay the anxiety. In ACT (Acceptance and Commitment therapy, a form of CBT or Cognitive Behavioral therapy) we work on how to defuse, or back off, from buying into these worries. We also recognize that a major part of problemic anxiety is how much we struggle with the feelings or sensations that come along with the anxiety.
If you are struggling with anxiety and want to try the type of psychotherapy I use and send me an e mail.